Starting from May 2017, Diaverum Kumanovo, through a Memorandum of Cooperation with the local Nurse School, actively participates in the education of students.

The successful story of mutual support, education and the opportunity for future generations, future medical workers to be part of the DIAVERUM culture lasts for five years. 

With the way of work and the opportunity for students to attend a practical course in the dialysis center, we have become an inspiration to young people and an example for future generations, on how competence and passion at work can improve the quality of life of patients. 

We showed empathy and the desire to help together with several activities. Even in conditions of a pandemic, by respecting all protection measures, we managed to create moments together that beautified the daily lives of patients.

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2022 started with many wishes, hopes and love for patients. The students, with sincere wishes, prepared a New Year decoration for each patient with their own hands.  

Education on "Dialysis and renal failure", "Prevention of kidney disease", "Role of the nurse in dialysis patient care" are just some of the joint activities, which aim not only to raise awareness of medical care and access, but also raising awareness for prevention and health care. 

This year we jointly celebrated World Kidney Day with an idea and goal: to continue to raise awareness among the population about the importance of prevention and preservation of kidney health. 

The symbolism that April 7, The World Health Day brings, after all realized activities, and successfully realized project - "Learning through work with the employer", in conditions of a pandemic, we received Certificate for collaboration from the nurse school. The Certificate challenged to continue and further expand our mission of genuine care, which is based on COMPETENCE, PASSION and INSPIRATION. Together we create better, because we dare to dream, because we guided by the example that DIAVERUM makes a leader in renal care. 

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