My name is Maja Kjulibrk - Nedelkovska, physician in Diaverum since 2018, from the beginning of Diaverum North Macedonia.  

I hope that with sharing my life story I will be able to inspire those who dare to dream, and will be led by the example that nothing in the world is impossible if you believe in yourself.  

The desire to be a health worker was sincere and great, I started my secondary medical education and finished in Medical State School, where I learned the basics of medicine, successfully mastered the necessary practices and training and became a nurse. I continued my education at the Medical Faculty in Skopje. At the age of twenty-one I started a family and for a while I also devoted myself to another important role - the role of a mother. While studying at the Faculty of Medicine, I started working as a dialysis nurse at the State University Clinic of Nephrology where I tried to learn something new every day, learning from the best. With great sacrifice and support from my family, I was able to complete my studies while being a full-time employee at the clinic, and a full-time mother of two. After completing my medical studies, my biggest life dream came true, I started working as a physician in the biggest dialysis clinic on the territory of Macedonia. After three years of work at the clinic, proof of commitment to the work was the offer for specialization in Nephrology. Currently I am in my 5th year of specialization in Nephrology and I am tirelessly moving forward to follow the path of progress towards new qualifications, experiences and practice. Also, I actively fulfill my work responsibilities in the dialysis clinic Diaverum Vizbegovo, while I am the chief doctor of the dialysis clinic Kriva Palanka. I was recently appointed as National Coordinator for Vascular Approaches and will participate in Doppler Echo Doppler Education at the State University Clinic of Nephrology. As a member of the Diaverum team, I continue with the main motto: Care, true care!  

The challenge is huge, to have an understanding of the physical and mental status of dialysis patients and to do everything to enhance their lives and well-being. But the continuous education of doctors and nurses is a driving force of Diaverum.  

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